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Several miniatures of Pacer exist. 

Most recent are Racing Champions from 1999! 

rc_mint_pacer.jpg (67504 bytes) 2002271349295780655026.jpg (45329 bytes)

To start with smallest, a Hong Kong made Pacer

pacerhong kong.jpg (42172 bytes)

measuring a mere 3.8 centimeter!

 then the classical Corgi Junior

Cogbl.jpg (10244 bytes)

 or the Tomika of Japan.

tomicabox.JPG (23178 bytes) Mto.jpg (8697 bytes) tomicablue.JPG (18252 bytes)

 There is of course a Hot Wheels for a racing station wagon!

Mhw.jpg (9915 bytes) wendypacer.jpg (27433 bytes)

 But also promos of Burger King for the " Goofy Movie " 

Mbk.jpg (10639 bytes)

Not to forget, those from more or less remote countries, like Russia...

  Mgr.jpg (7409 bytes)

Then the big Corgi, not junior this time... 

Mcb.jpg (48856 bytes)

Then a little larger, the Gay Toys out of plastic 

Mgt.jpg (8142 bytes) toygay79.JPG (24078 bytes)

and the Large Tonka... 

Mtk.jpg (7819 bytes) tonka2.JPG (11705 bytes) tokai-1.jpg (14323 bytes) tonkapacer.jpg (25349 bytes)


but the largest Mini-Pacer remains the Hungarian Trv.vd  ! 

mar12_03.jpg (37488 bytes)

Of course there are still the kits to make up yourself

Mmpc.jpg (14260 bytes)   pacermodel.gif (43418 bytes)

1727283329.JPG (24342 bytes)

Mvc-009s.jpg (42996 bytes) pacv8.JPG (21956 bytes) 

Mvc-007s.jpg (42551 bytes) pacerbx.jpg (11941 bytes)

i-100007.jpg (20086 bytes)

Here a built one:

pacerb.jpg (17748 bytes)

 is even and finally the best, the Promos!

Mpr.jpg (10304 bytes)